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Familiarity. This has all happened before, Loki thinks, but there’s really no escaping that sheer escalation -
                              adrenaline burning up his blood vessels,
                                             Sif’s very presence plucking away at his heartstrings
                      A most mournful melody..
                                                                            …when will he see her again?

He doesn’t take time to dwell on it, reversing their positions, teeth grazing her throat, nimble fingers tracing each scar he’s come to know oh so intimately. It’s a fantasy, a whirlwind of crippling desire, but there’s something about it, about her, that speaks to him.

                  { And in whispers of pure passion,
                                    He hears everything.
                                                   And it’s breaking him. He knows it.
                                                                          He can’t pull himself away. }

So instead, he murmurs against her skin: “Stay.”

                               { But the damage is already done,
          Some vital piece of him is gone, discarded, snapped
                                                 She’s said it herself.
                                                             Her fate does not lie in his world. }

♫ :D



{ Drabble based on Run, by Snow Patrol… I already know this is gonna be feelsy, so just a heads up }

The green light that once surrounded them both disappeared all at once. It left jagged scars on the earth below, dirt and rocks displaced as the mess of energy expanded ever-outward. It left only destruction in its wake, enemy forces suddenly pushed back - bleeding, bruised, some falling to their deaths. 

Get away!” Loki’s voice was hoarse, though it only added to the ferocity of his screams. It was a cataclysmic event, the trickster finally having breached the barriers that would’ve prevented him from using that power before. He was left panting, a mess of his own wounds and mangled flesh, the strength too much for his frail body to bear.

"Loki!" Sif was there beside him, swords in hand, slashing through countless numbers of the horde. She watched in disbelief as he collapsed, falling first onto one knee, and then onto his stomach. With a particularly brutal thrust, she ran yet another soldier through, leaving her weapon still-buried within his corpse. She would get to Loki, if only to taunt him for his lack of skill.

All thoughts of the sort vanished when she reached him at last.

"L-Loki… Loki, is this an illusion? Please, please let this be an illusion.”

His smile was a tired one, his laughter breathy and accompanied by a bubbling of blood to his lips. “Sif…” The warrior maiden threw her strength into his shoulder, positioning him such that he faced heavenward, faced her.

"No, no, no… damn it all!" She brought a hand to the fresh wound on his chest, dark liquid seeping through to meet her palm.

"I’m okay… w-watch yourself," he murmured.

Only a moment too late.

A glint of silver was the last thing he bore witness to, enemy blade sharply entering his chest, and piercing his still-beating heart. It had passed through Sif to get to him, a grievous sight proving to be his last: his ultimatum. 


And they held each other, for the first time since childhood, unable to move, unable to speak.

Unable to live on.

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"Sing for me." The request came out of nowhere.

"You are ridiculous. I do not sing, go back to sleep." She huffed, irritated. This sleeping arrangement was awful enough.

"You used to." He smirked. "When you were younger." Oh, so it was nostalgia that had brought this up? Brilliant.

"Well I am a child no longer-"

"I’m aware." He interrupted.

"I don’t sing.” She finished sternly. She could feel his stare through the darkness surrounding them. Silence, she thought the issue done and had begun settle once again when Loki spoke up once more.

"There was that one duet with Vols-"

Fine.” She sat up. “If only to shut you up.” Sif agreed reluctantly. Never would she hear the end of that night. They had all been drinking, how they kept such long memory she knew not.

"The one about the storm-king." He suggested. Sif scowled and tried to remember the words to the old tune. How long had it been since she had even thought about that song? How long had it been since she had sung at all?

The sky is dark and the hills are white
As the storm-king speeds from the north to-night;

Her voice softened after the first couplet. The tune came back to her easily and Loki had fallen silent.

And this is the song the storm-king sings,
As over the world his cloak he flings:”

She remembered this song. It had been her favorite as a child. She sang it to herself so often. She vaguely recalled singing it for Loki once upon a time. During much happier days. She was surprised he’d actually remember something like that.

'Sleep, sleep, little one, sleep;”
He rustles his wings and gruffly sings:
“Sleep, little one, sleep.’

The tension in the room had near disappeared, the both of them more relaxed. Frustration ebbing like the tide, Sif even smiled slightly. She hoped he couldn’t see.

On yonder mountain-side a vine
Clings at the foot of a mother pine;
The tree bends over the trembling thing,
And only the vine can hear her sing:

Had Loki moved closer or had she? It was strange to find she didn’t mind. For just a moment, there was no animosity, no grudges or mistrust. There were only fonder memories, the night was a time for comfort and dreams. A child’s song for a child’s memories.

'Sleep, sleep, little one, sleep;
What shall you fear when I am here?
Sleep, little one, sleep.’

The king may sing in his bitter flight,
The pine may croon to the vine to-night,

She gently laid herself back down, only the briefest pause in the lyrics.

"But the little snowflake at my breast
Liketh the song I sing the best, —-
Sleep, sleep, little one, sleep;
Weary thou art, anext my heart;
Sleep, little one, sleep.

She finished softly. Slow breathing told her Loki had finally drifted off. The song was over, Loki appeased, no need to continue. Still, she found herself humming as she herself found sleep amidst dreams of songs, games, braids and stories.

Young Sif



I like the other one I uploaded, but I edited this one because I found some mistakes I had made.

This is Sif as a child before Loki cut her hair. Yes, yes, she looks like Rapunzel, it was an accident. Shut up.

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In which Loki and Sif have heard this spiel a thousand times.

Sif: Is he still at it?

Loki: We could probably leave and come back later.

Thor: [king stuff]

Hopefully fixed the image size here. Sorry for double posting it.


Sif pre-Loki being an asshole.

He just couldn’t deal with the mega boner he had constantly when she was around.

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Warfrost RP collection  11/?   | Trysts in the shadows of the palace


young Sifki is always a fave of mine!:3


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I’m on a blonde Sif kick tonight.

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Absolute sweetheart, Tom Hiddleston