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do you have any fic recs that are similar to damalur's "after the fall"? i am so completely obsessed with it's portrayal of loki/sif and i simply must have my fix of fics in the same vein. please and thank you!


Ah After the Fall by damalur is such a wonderfully epic tale of Loki and Sif’s relationship from childhood up until the coronation. Sooo good. The world building is really fabulous. I’m not 100% what exactly you’d qualify as similar, whether it’s the slow build of the relationship or the adventure and character development (or regression) but I can definitely recommend a few other fics that I think are epics to be cherished!

winter is coming by coffeesuperhero (T rating, 22,098 words)

A very beautiful, albeit tragic, progression of Loki and Sif’s love across ages and realms. It burns brightly and then crumbles. Godammit Loki

haven’t forgotten my way home by Jade (M rating, 17,419 words)

Post-canon. Loki and Sif are both being punished for their sins against Asgard and find peace together. 

you could be my unintended by coffeesuperhero (M rating, 19,277 words)

They find themselves in an accidental marriage. The growth and setbacks that come from navigating it are interesting. 

The Tenth Realm by Margo_Kim (T rating, 20,969 words)

Five hundred years before Thor’s coronation, Loki and Sif adventure in search of a legend.

Stolen Fire by Ias (T rating, 11,261 words)

The tragedy of the present is contrasted with the happiness of the past. 

Where We’re Going, Where We’ve Been by margo_kim (T rating, 10,269 words)

Their journeys to Earth turn into something more. Wonderful development!

All the Reasons I Gave by glamaphonic (M rating, 4422 words)

One of the first fics, one of the best fics.

one hundred thousand years of solitude by coffeesuperhero (T rating, 7452 words)

Sif visits Loki in his cell until the day comes for him to choose his own fate.

I Am Stretched on Your Grave by SidheMail (M rating, 39, 262 words)

The warrior has fallen on a journey and is presumed dead. Sif must make it home to him, before it’s too late. I seriously bawled my eyes out reading this. All of her fics are great for punching you in the gut.

let’s play a love game by coffeesuperhero (M rating, 11,779 words)

When Thor and the Warriors Three are captured, Sif and Loki set out to save the day. Pretend married but real feelings!

Shipwrecked by the Laughter of the Gods by rhombus (T rating, 12,896 words)

Sif slips a caged Loki a truth serum. Flashback to their teenage years. Enough emotions to wreck you for a week.

west of the moon, east of the sun by nefelokokkygia (E rating, 10,133 words)

Loki and Sif travel to Alfheimr, to ride dragons and visit the mountain caves. All of Danielle’s story’s have a very unique, very strong voice and mood.

Paper Planes & Playground Games by Barkour (G rating, 14,438 words)

Sif-centric story about her childhood with the princes. Most excellent.

Lying Tongues by Barkour (E rating, 11,096 words)

A wonderful little epic adventure with a splash of Loki/Sif. The pairing is much more ambiguous than other fics but it’s lovely all the same. 

A Dragon Moves Amongst Us by silverducks (T rating, 51,859 words)

Sif finds herself in trouble when she encounters a dragon and her feelings are twisted, cruel things. Get pretty angsty in there.

Moment of Accord by fauness (G rating, 2701 words)

Loki and Sif take a vacation. Reminds me a bit of the cabin scene from After the Fall.

Star Bodies by M_Leigh (G rating, 13,477 words)

Sif and Loki grow up together. His insecurities break everything apart. 

What Grows Beneath the Nettle by LizardBeth (M rating, 21,737 words)

Post-canon, lovely little multichapter detailing Loki’s rule disguised as Odin and Sif’s discovery.

Kingsverse (series) by nayanroo (T rating, 300,000 words)

In progres series. After Thor’s banishment, Loki takes the throne and Frigga arranges a marriage. Should be read in order starting with Fundamental Forces.

Hopefully you find yourself immersed in some of my favorite stories with great world building and enjoy all the depth and richness this little ship has to offer.

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Sifki prompt: They used to practice kissing.


Ah, I love this prompt! It really inspired me, so this got super long!


It wasn’t surprising, really, if you thought about it.

Boys weren’t exactly lining up to be with the intimidating young warrior maiden, the one who was constantly besting them in training every day. And girls weren’t exactly flocking to be with the wizardly second prince, the one who preferred strange magics and tricks over sword and shield.

So their arrangement wasn’t really all that odd. It was mutually beneficial.

It all started one night out behind the stables, where they and their fellow adolescent companions were partaking in some stolen mead and telling tall tales of future feats and accomplishments they would someday undertake, each trying to best the last, the stories becoming more and more outrageous as each mug was emptied.

Really, it was all Fandral’s fault, as most things were, in Loki’s opinion. He had turned the conversation to future romantic entanglements, boasting that what with his already superior experience in that area, surely he would end up being the most renowned lover in all the nine realms. Loki of course could not resist a remark about him most likely being renowned for being a subpar lover, if what the maidens in the taverns said was any indication, which unsurprisingly provoked a response from the tall blonde. But not one the silvertongued prince had been anticipating.

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Commissioned by

The reasoning for the title ‘Loki Variation’ is because it’s a character named Mage that looks like Loki Laufeyson.

I enjoyed doing this commission very much, it was a much needed breather from work~ <3

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-LokixSif and Ullr Part II- (Part I)

“I do deny knowledge of this child.”

Ullr’s breath stuck in his throat at his father’s statement. His father, who would laugh and throw him into the air; his father, who had allowed him to fall asleep on his chest to the thud of his heart; his father, whose eyes had gleamed with wonder when his son had magicked the water in his goblet frozen for the first time.

His father, who had just disavowed him in the court of the elven king.

"Do you truly?" the king slid his eyes from the boy to the prince, a cruel tone accenting his tongue. "He was caught magicking the stags in my forest. Their antlers leafed out much like the very trees that surrounded them. Now tell me, trickster, how am I to hunt my lands if my prey has been made impossible to see?"

"I do not see why I should care," Loki drawled, studying his nails in the filtered sunlight of the throne room, "as I am not the hunter, and they are not my prey. Perhaps you should better hone your skills, and those of your huntsmen… it seems as if they have grown fat and lazy, with all your bountiful game ready to be harvested from your ripe forests at will. In fact, it seems to me as if they are no longer huntsmen at all," he carried on, never minding the slowly-reddening complexion of the being before him, "rather, I should call them ranchers, as there doesn’t seem to be much sport in the collection of your bounty; all there is to do is round them up for the slaughter."

The once aloof king grit his teeth in frustration. Ullr was sure that he could count the veins that stood out on his forehead in stark relief to the otherwise smooth skin. “Nevertheless, Silvertongue, this boy has shown considerable knowledge of the magics for his age, a talent so profound that has not been documented since you, yourself, was a simpering whelp. Do you deny your relation to him, even knowing what I have perceived? Talent such as his could only be hereditary and cultivated from a young age.”

"I have never before seen such a child beside myself, though it certainly comforts me that I have a kindred spirit in my presence. However, my words remain the same; I do so deny this child of Yggdrasil," Loki spoke as if surprised, and Ullr felt a knot form in his stomach that had nothing (alright, mayhaps a little) to do with the naked dagger at his throat and the heavy grip upon his shoulder. "It seems as if he were a prodigy, indeed."

The elven king narrowed his eyes, attempting to discern the falsehoods that Loki continued to weave, before grunting in a manner that reminded the boy, despite the elegance and luxury with how the elf presented himself, of a boar hog. “Indeed.”

"And as such," Loki continued, unflinching in the elf’s accusative tone, "he would undoubtedly be of great importance to the Realm Eternal and to Yggdrasil as a whole."

"Now see here!" the king jolted from his throne and roared his resentment.
"I shall take him myself to be tutored by the finest scholars Asgard and Vanaheimr has to offer. You there, underling, release him. He is now in my custody," Loki jerked his chin impatiently. "Come now, sheathe your dagger. T’would do you poorly against a sorcerer of any type, especially one who has already manifested such a prowess for the arts."

"He is my prisoner, Liesmith, and I will do with him as I-"

"Now, that’s where you’re wrong, elf.” The king froze, and the color seemed to drain from his face.

Ullr had never before seen his father’s eyes glint like hardened steel nor heard his father’s voice crack like a whip cutting air.

He was not sure he ever wanted to again.

Loki drew himself to his full height, posture belying power and demanding obedience. His emerald eyes turned jade, as hard as his voice. “I am Loki Odinson, first of his name and second prince of the Realm Eternal, son of the All-Father, the protector of realms, and the All-Mother, who weaves the Fates upon her loom. I am a warrior proven and a sorcerer sound. You will cease to disrespect my person and discredit my name. My word is law, and I have transferred the custody of your prisoner to myself, and so he is such under my jurisdiction. Release my ward to me, now.”

The king, scarcely, it seemed, daring to breathe, turned his wide-eyed gaze to the guard clutching Ullr and nodded, a short jerk of his head. The dagger was withdrawn and his shoulder released, and the boy all but ran to his father’s side. He looked up at the man who he had only before seen laughing a smiling warmly, but who now wore a face as hard as stone and spoke with words tipped in black ice.

"When you requested my presence and I granted you audience," the king flinched at the phrasing, as if he had completely forgotten his station in his haste to besmirch the name of the younger son of Odin. Loki ignored him, "you inquired as to my knowledge of this child, and I denied it. You questioned me again, and I had replied that I did deny knowledge of the child. You questioned me thrice, twice more than the appropriate courtesy of a host to a visiting son of Asgard." Loki spoke in a lighter cadence, but the power in his words remained. Ullr felt a hand rest kindly on the nape of his neck. "Did you think me a fae, king? Question me thrice, and the truth would be revealed to you?" A hint of laughter spiked his words, cold and cruel. "I am of no Seelie or Unseelie Court, I assure you, elf. I am much worse.” The king shuddered in his place, finally allowing himself to fall back into his throne and wallow in his shame.

Loki squeezed his son’s neck lightly. “Ask me again, Oh Great Elf King. Ask me of what I know.” His words were a command.

The king, who had roared his embarrassment only moments before, spoke in a cowed voice, high and reedy, “Do you deny knowledge of this child?”

The steel facade vanished from Loki’s face, leaving the man whom Ullr had seen enter the throne room. “I most certainly do not, for he is my ward. Much thanks for retrieving him for me, but I am afraid that our departure is nigh. Goodday.” The prince turned himself and his son, striding forward to exit the throne room.

"W-wait!" The king seemed to surprise himself with his protestation, if the scared-stiff elf was any indication to Ullr as he looked over his shoulder. Loki paused. "What of my stags?"

"Hunting is a sport that many enjoy. It seems as if my ward has done you a service by returning that enjoyment to you and your people. Goodday, Elf King," Loki called out as he strode forward again, "do not request my presence again, for you shall not have it."

No, Ullr thought with the parting sight of a humiliated king and a stunned court, the elf king certainly would not request such an audience again. 


-LokixSif and Ullr-

"I’ve set up a house for you in Álfheimr. It’s not much, but it will ensure the safety of the both of you during this time of… vulnerability.” Sif squeezed their clasped hands tightly, completely unused to being treated like something so fragile, so delicate (outside, of course, the moments wrapped in his bed silks and lithe arms).

"And what will I tell the king? And Thor and the Three? I cannot simply disappear without anyone’s knowledge, Loki. I have my oaths, you know this."

The prince traced his thumb over her white knuckles. “Inform not them, but my mother. Simply explain to her that you must uphold a duty to yourself before you can uphold the duty of a warrior of the realm. She will understand, and she will pass the knowledge on to Odin. If my brother and the Dolts Three learn of this, ‘tis no matter - they would know, anyway, in time.” Loki’s eyes watched her lips as she set her teeth upon them and nervously worried them as she mulled over his suggestion. “Worry not, Dove,” he murmured as he traced her mouth with his thumb, freeing her lips from any further assault, “all will be well. As I told you when this began, it remains your decision as to whether we are acknowledged by the court. This new development has no changed my sentiments; rather, it has strengthened them. I will do whatever you ask on this matter.”

She nodded, and raven strands fell into her face. “No, you are right. Let this remain private. Let this remain ours.” She took his hand, already clasped in hers, and laid it gently over her still-smooth abdomen. “What do your magics tell you?” Sif asked quietly, but not shyly. The tone was one of intimacy, not hesitation.

"This early? Not much," he smiled, splaying his fingers and reaching out with his senses. "Good health. Strength. Intelligence. By the Norns, Sif,” he quietly exclaimed and dropped to his knees, “this child will be so brilliant it will outshine every star in Yggdrasil.” His forehead pressed next to his hand, and he sighed as she curled her fingers into his tamed hair. “The Nine Realms do not hold any treasure greater than you do at this moment.”

They remained in silence, the quiet blanketing over them as they relished their new beginning.

"I will go to your safehouse. On the condition that I may bring my glaive."

Loki met her eyes as they gleamed in the dusk light that fell through the open window. “I would have you no other way, my Lady.”

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Made a new cover for my fic today. This ship owns me,

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this bed is on fire - sabinelagrande - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Thor (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Loki/Sif (Marvel)
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Sif (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Loki is a troll, Asgardian Field Trip, Finger Sucking, Woman on Top, Plot What Plot

If it stopped working, he’d stop doing it.

After a million billion years I wrote something! Finally! Shockingly! Amazingly!

hahahaah this is perfect! love how they never shut up XDD


Quick Loki edit. Now bed. 

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For Hanna. Merry late Christmas. Because deadlines? Ha!

Sif was the first to wake up as the cool breeze blew into the bedroom, she leaned up on one elbow and barely opened her eyes. Looking over to her son Ullr in his cot in the corner of the room, he was sleeping soundly with his little hands wrapped around the wolf toy that Thor had given him when he was only a few months old. She sighed and pulled the heavy blanket up over her shoulders as she wiggled her way closer to Loki and wrapped her arms around him.

He had always tried to keep his Jotun form hidden from her, and she could count how many times she had seen him that way on one hand. But Sif was thankful in that moment that his skin was naturally warm, he gasped as he icy fingers spread over his side and pulled her closer out of instinct. Loki opened his eyes and looked over to their son, smiling as he saw him clinging to the little wolf before turning to wrap his arms around his wife.

Loki kissed Sif’s hair and gently rubbed her back to warm her, he smiled against her hair when the child stirred and started kicking away at the mattress of his cot. “Shall I make you both something to eat?” He asked, looking down at Sif where she had pulled herself close to his chest for warmth. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He murmured against her hair, not wanting to leave the bed either.

It was her icy fingers pressed against his stomach that made him finally move back and get out of bed with a hiss, batting away her hand and glaring as Sif laughed evilly into the pillow and pulled the covers over herself completely. Loki walked over to lift his son from his cot and held the child close, smelling his hair as he pushed the bedroom door closed with his foot to save more of the cold breeze reaching Sif before he walked over to the window.

With Ullr in one arm he pulled back the curtains and looked back to the bed when he heard Sif snoring softly under the covers, his attention was brought back to his son when Ullr let out a small squeal of delight and clapped his little hands. It seemed to be enough to wake Sif once again and made her pull back the covers to see them both at the window. The boy was giggling happily and leaning back from Loki’s arms to get a better view out of the window.

"What is it?" Sif asked as she pulled on a dressing gown and got out of bed. She got to the window and smiled when she saw it had snowed overnight, Sif put one arm around Loki’s waist and gently rubbed Ullr’s back as he watched the flakes falling from the sky.